If you have a new tube and need to replace the old tube these are some quick steps to help you get this done and get you back on air. 

Steps to replace tube in the BE FM TX’s


1.    Shut off all AC power to the transmitter.

2.    Open front panel door to get access to the tube.

3.    Unhook the banana plug (High Voltage plug) from the chimney. 

4.    Loosen the hose clamp on the bottom of the chimney.

5.    Pull the chimney up through the plexiglass shelf and then turn it so the stubs can rest on the shelf.

6.    Reach in and carefully pull the tube straight  and remove it from the socket.

7.    Inspect the finger stock in the socket to make sure they are ok and not all broke off.

8.    Install the new tube and gently push down to make sure it is seated good.

9.    Set the chimney back in place over the tube.

10.  Tighten down the hose clamp.

11.  Plug the banana plug back into the chimney.

12.  Close the front panel doors and secure the screws.

13.  Apply AC power to the transmitter and you will be ready to go.


If you need any help or have questions give us a call at 217-224-9600.