Broadcast Electronics is very proud to provide ongoing best-effort support for all of our products, regardless of when they were manufactured.  Using a variety of methods such as Last Time Buys for 3rd party items nearing the end of their production run and our innovative Flat Rate Exchange program, we are often able to extend spare parts availability well beyond 10 years.  

What is covered: This Spare Parts Availability Policy covers all spare parts and subassemblies manufactured by Broadcast Electronics (BE), Elenos, Itelco, and other members of the Elenos Group of Companies. 

What is not covered: Component parts of subassemblies (e.g. resistors, etc. from printed circuit cards, MOSFETs ) are not covered.

Availability of spare parts: Replacement parts are available for ten (10) years from the last production date, subject to availability of vendor-supplied items and components or out-of-production parts. In the event an item is out-of-production, BE will make its best attempt to substitute currently available parts. 

Condition of parts: Spare parts for out-of-production products will be new or factory reconditioned parts functionally equivalent to new. All parts, whether new or reconditioned, are certified by BE to be in correct operating condition. 

Warranty of spare parts: The warranty for spare parts is 90 days from the ship date on material and workmanship. Installation of a spare part does not affect the original warranty of the BE product. 

Limitation of warranty: The spare parts warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship of the part(s). It does not cover loss of time, inconvenience, property damage, or any consequential damages. Repair, replacement, or refund of the purchase price of the equipment is the exclusive remedy, determined solely by BE.

Nothing in this Spare Parts Availablit Policy shall conflict with or supersede the Broadcast Electronics Product Warranty (for new transmitters)