This article describes how to change the RF pallet in a 600W/800W UHF High Power Amplifier.

P/N: B5060621810, B5060621811

  1. Remove top cover of amplifier (10 screws)

        2.    Remove pallet cover (10 screws)

        3. Remove Power Bridge and carefully remove from pallet

        4. Remove screws from pallet (20)

        5. Unsolder pallet from heat sink (2 locations)

        6.  Gently remove pallet from heat sink.  Pull slightly back and up.

        7. With the pallet removed, clean off all residual heat sink compound from the heat sinks

        8.  Examine the new pallet to ensure any tape, protective film, or dust is removed.

        9.  Apply fresh heat sink compound to the heat sinks.

        10.  Set the new pallet in place, and secure with 20 screws removed in Step 4.

        11.  Solder the 2 joints indicated in Step 5.

        12.  Replace power bridge and secure with 2 screws (Step 3.)

        13.  Replace and secure pallet cover with 10 screws (Step 2).

        14.  Replace and secure HPA top cover with 10 screws (Step 1).