Version 4.1 of STXe Software.
13 September 2021

The STXUpdaterV4_1 will load the following versions of software:

1. V4.1 R.4290 for the CPE Controller
2. V2.3 R.3875 for the Exciter FPGA
3. V2.7 R.4092 for the Exciter DSP
4. V4.1 4290 for the Front Panel
5. V4.1 4290 for the Power Amplifier Controller
6. V4.1 4290 for PA Motherboard
7. V4.1 4290 for PS Motherboard
8. V4.1 4290 for the PA Module Controller

Version 4.1 is the initial release for the STXe Series

This software is suitable for use in all STXe Exciters, STXe Series, STX-10 products.

This software WILL NOT WORK IN STX LP Transmitters!

The use of the Updater is straight forward - put the CPE into Update mode (standby mode > enable update), start the Updater, type the IP address of the CPE board and click the "Update STX" box. There is a progress bar that shows the update progress. If the update fails for any reason, a dialog box will appear stating such. If the update is successful, a dialog box will pop up stating that as well