If you are unable to access the WebUI / Web Telemetry page of your ETG3500 or ETG5000 and you are certain that your network configuration and IP addresses are correct, the next step is to confirm functionality of the internal telemetry card and the internal CAT5 patch cable that connects the telemetry card to the external RJ45 port.

These instructions will guide you through the steps.

1.    Set the unit on a cart/bench *Caution heavy lifting is required



2.    Remove 3 Allen wrench screws from side of unit and set aside.


3.    Remove 3 counter sunk screws from side of unit with the bracket and set aside. *These 3 screws are longer than the top cover screws so set aside separately.



4.    Set unit on its side with the Ethernet port side up. *Caution heavy lifting is required 


5.    Remove 5 counter sunk screws from the top cover and 5 counter sunk screws from the bottom chassis and set aside. Total of 10 screws.




6.    You should be able to take side panel off at this time to gain access to the inside.




7.    First check to see if the Ethernet CAT5 cable is attached on both ends. 



8.    At this time, you can plug power into unit. *Voltage is present currently so use caution.

9.    Set laptop/computer up for Static IP address of using your local Ethernet Network settings

10. In MS Windows, you will need to specify a static IP address for your network card. The steps to complete this will vary depending on your version of Windows.  Here is a an external link to guide you.

11. Specify an IP of 10.0.0.? (anything but 138), Set the subnet mask to and Gateway to 

12.  Connect a CAT5 cable from your PC network port to the external RJ45 port of the transmitter.

13.  Open Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer…) and up at the top type in

14.  If the green and yellow lights are blinking on the back of the unit at the serial port connection, you should be talking, and your Web Browser should be showing the GUI for this transmitter.

15.  If the lights are not blinking, carefully disconnect the internal CAT5 cable from the telemetry board, and connect your PC CAT5 cable in its place (your PC should be connected directly to the telemetry board).  Attempt to reload the the Web page from your PC browser.

16.  If the page loads properly, this confirms the problem is with the internal CAT5 patch cable or the RJ45 coupler.  The internal patch cable can be replaced with a commercial CAT5 patch cable.