Aug 26, 2011

Importer Release notes for version 3.0.5 Patch


Summary of features and enhancements for 3.0.5 Patch:
This patch of Importer v3.0.5 is being issued to resolve problems being reported of data clients incorrectly receiving “Authentication Errors” after experiencing a disconnection due to TCP/IP link outages.

The patch consists of 3 parts:

  1. Connection Manager Executable – This executable is meant to replace the existing executable and addresses problems of simultaneous accesses to the database causing errant behavior.
  2. MSDE Configuration Instructions – This changes the MSDE to use only a shared memory interface and disables TCP/IP interfaces.
  3. SQL Script – Used to limit the amount of memory used by MSDE

Associated documentation to assist in the Installation of 3.0.5:
597-2010-006 – Software Patch Application Guide
STS-02-2005 – Importer WebAdmin Guide