Aug 17, 2007

Version 2.1.21 fixes an issue inherent in version 2.1.20 with regards to recovery from an AC power failure.  Note: The Serial Interface Board Programmer will be required to upload this software to the transmitter supervisor controller with smartcore board part number 544-7220.  This Programmer may be purchased from BE by requesting part number 809-0233. Detailed upgrade instructions are included.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 2.1.21 of FM 20S / FMi 1405 Smartcore Board software was released in conjunction with version 1.09 of U7 and U107 Module Control Board firmware and version 2.0 of U41 FXi 250 Exciter firmware for the FXi 250 Exciter when installed in an FMi 1405 transmitter. It is necessary that this software and firmware be upgraded simultaneously. Please reference the FM 20S, FMI 1405, FXi 250 Software Release Technical Bulletin for further details and ordering information.

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