The XPi 10 has lost the FXi Exciter MAC address and the FXi Exciter is at a remote location. I know the IP address of the FXi Exciter but I do not know the MAC address; how can I get the MAC address of the FXi Exciter remotely?

If you can ping the IP address and get a valid return, then you can use an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). Type ‘arp –a’ then Return. If you are pinging from the XPi, you may get back the static MAC that was entered in the Exciter Platform Configuration screen. This may give you an erroneous MAC address and you will not be able to get a ping response from the FXi. To correct for this problem, enter ‘arp –d IP Address (where IP Address is the FXi IP address: example "arp –d") then Return. You should now be able to Ping the FXi, use Ctrl-C to stop the pinging and when you type ‘arp –a’ then Return, you will get the physical (MAC) address of the FXi.


Also see the "Ping the FXi 60/250 through the XPi 10 Application Guide" for additional information.